Explore Kirkby Mallory Village Loop Guide

by | Dec 14, 2022

Last week, Emily-Jane and I decided to escape the office and take a stroll around and explore Kirkby Mallory.  It was so lovely to get out on a dry crisp day. It was the first time I had walked this route, I usually just drive straight through the village on my way to Mallory Meadows.  I was rather surprised to see such beautiful houses and all the statues at Mallory Park. Taking the time to explore with fresh eyes highlighted, to me, what we have right on our doorstep.

On our walk, we chatted and thought you, our guests might like to explore it too.  After taking a few photos, we got back to the office and set our creative minds to it.  We made you a little guide with a map and 10 interesting places to take a look at. Our circular walk around the village will take about 30 minutes, and is the perfect leg stretch or quick dog walk.

We have also marked on the map the start of the walk to The Windmill Inn, and our favourite dog walk heading towards Desford.

You can view our guide here Explore Kirkby Mallory loop. Why not save it to your phone or print it off before you visit.