Our favourite rural walk with the dog

by | Oct 11, 2022

This circular rural walk is perfect to stretch the legs first thing in the morning.

It’s one of our favourite go-to dog walks, taking about an hour, with easy walking and good variety of landscape. A lovely rural walk to start the day.


  • Head in to the village of Kirkby Mallory via the churchyard. Then along Church Road past Kirkby House hotel and Manor stores.
    400 year old Chestnut tree in front of All Saints Church Kirkby Mallory

    Sunlight through early Autumn tree canopy in front of All Saints Church Kirkby Mallory

  • Continue to follow the road until you get to the post box. Carefully cross the road and follow the country lane. Head up and down the hills and past the farms. You can see Peckleton church spire on your right, its glorious as the sun rises looking out in that direction.
    Sunrise over Peckleton

    You might be lucky to catch the sun rising as you look towards Peckleton.

  • When you reach a T-junction (dog poop bin available here) follow the foot path on your left across a large arable field.
    Rural walk way marker, pointing across the field

    Follow the direction of the way marker until the paths cross.

  • The path across the field is well defined and comes to a cross paths in the middle of the field. I love the big skies here, it always feels very spacious.
  • The yellow way marker and stile will be visible on your left so as the path allows take a 90 degree turn and head in that direction.
    Big blue sky showing footpath direction over fields

    Take a 90 degree turn in the middle of the field towards the stile and yellow way marker

  • Climb the stile and head over the brow of the hill to the yellow way marker in the bottom hedge. There is a small foot bridge to cross over here.
  • Continue up the next field to the way marker and gate in the hedge in front of you.
  • The paths are fenced here for the horse paddocks so please keep to them and follow until you reach a small managed copse with an obvious trail running through, coming out at a small bridge and stile.
    Sunrise on a bright morning rural walk with horse in foreground

    Glorious early morning walk.

  • The path is ahead of you towards the road gate and the stile in the corner.
  • Over the stile and across the next field head towards the houses on your left, and a small jitty becomes apparent, quickly arriving back into the village of Kirkby Mallory, to return via the road or through “The Leys” recreation ground.
    Looking towards Kirkby Mallory

    Early morning view towards kirkby Mallory highlighting the path between the houses

The perfect finish to this rural walk is a coffee on the patio or deck with a favourite biscuit!

We hope you enjoy the local area as much as we do.

Until next time


P.S There are lots of horses and sheep, so unless your dog is brilliant at recall I would recommend keeping them on a lead for this walk