Clean and Serene Walk to the Pub.

by | May 7, 2024

Mallory Meadows Cabins & RoundhousesIt feels like all we’ve had this year is rain, with dry sunny days being few and far between. We had some guests stay recently who asked if we could recommend a clean walk with their dog to a local pub. We had no hesitation in suggesting this quiet and mostly clean walk to our neighbouring village of Desford!

This super easy walk down the rarely used Desford Road has one small occasionally muddy section and a stream to leap over, it is approximately 2.7 miles long. It takes about 60 mins each way, with The Bluebell Inn being your final destination. This dog-friendly village pub has a nice menu and a great drink selection. They have a quiz night on Tuesdays and a TV for sports events. The Bar has several rooms and a small sheltered garden. Booking a table is suggested and can be done over the [phone](tel:01455 822901 “‌”) or online.

If you wanted to explore the village of Desford a little more the Heritage Trail (you will see the boards dotted around the village) is well worth following. You will find one over the road from the Bluebell car park to start you off.

There is a small Co-op shop that you will walk past for any essentials you may need.

Have fun exploring

Love Emily-Jane

PS There are no street lights so if you’re planning a late one pop a torch in your pocket before you set off.

Walking Directions to The BlueBell Inn, Desford
  1. Take the footpath out of Mallory Meadows and into the churchyard, follow to the front of the Church and then continue up the drive.
  2. Go through the gate and turn right heading into the village. At the crossroads follow the road round to your left. Look out for the post box and safely cross over the road and onto Desford Road.
  3. Desford Road is a very quiet road but there is occasional traffic. The verges are mostly wide enough to stand on to allow vehicles to pass if required. Follow this road for the next 2 miles going straight past the fields and farms.
  4. Hop over the stream and follow the track as you will enter Desford on Kirkby Road and you will see a park and the primary school on your right.
  5. Follow Kirkby Road straight onto the High Street through the village, past the co-op and at the roundabout you will see the Bluebell Pub off the 3rd exit.
  6. Do check opening hours and table availability before you set off.
  7. Follow the route in reverse to get home.
  8. if you don’t fancy the pub and you’re looking for a snack to enjoy on the way home, the Desford Fish Bar on St Martin’s Drive (Take the 1st right turn after the Co-op onto Holmfield Road, and then onto St Martins Drive which loops back round to Kirkby Road) is a great shout for a cone of tasty chips.
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