Fancy Brunch? How about the Malt Mill…

by | Jan 3, 2023

Brunch = The absolute best way to spend a Sunday morning!

You wake up, the sun is shining… You are on holiday and feeling tip-top! The next thing on your mind is what’s for Breakfast?  Well, I have the perfect recommendation for a stroll and Brunch. The Malt Mill in Barwell is a superb independent gem of a place, serving amazing St Martins Coffee, delicious brunches and lunches & cakes in lovely interesting surroundings.

Their ethos is simple – Sourcing and selling the best local ingredients and producing a small, but quality menu. They have delivered on this promise every time and more.

The other Sunday when the days were warmer (it’s January now and I am snuggly in the office) Chris and I, with our 11-year-old son in tow, popped on our boots and headed out across the fields to enjoy an extremely tasty Brunch. See below for the walk and route.

You can visit The Malt Mill by turning right and driving straight down the lane away from Kirkby Mallory, where you can find it positioned on the left when you get to the T – Junction in Barwell centre.

Our favourite way is to walk over the fields, you really feel that you have earnt your brunch feast.  We have detailed the route below with a few helpful pointers.  This can be downloaded as a PDF if you are planning for your stay.

I suggest you book in advance on 07825757289 just in case they are busy. They do take away if you just miss the last table.


Delightful walk to the Malt Mill in Barwell “Top Town”

  • Head out of the main Mallory Meadows gates and turn right onto the road then immediately right again through the wooden footpath entrance into the field behind the cabins.
  • Take the rough surfaced path to your left and head towards the corner of the field from where you get a view of the race track. Continuing along this path you climb over a stile.
  • Hug the right-hand side of the field until you reach a small bridge crossing a stream on the far side.
  • Cross the stream and stay on the grass verge with the field crops on your left, as you near the copse in front of you a well-defined footpath will guide you across the field to the hedge on the far side.
  • Over the bridge through the meadows (which are a butterfly spotters delight in the summer and early autumn) and you come out on a small rough surface track.
  • Cross directly over the track and continue along the footpath with the hedgerow on your right. It’s a well-defined pathway which takes you to a corner with a yellow footpath marker. From here you change direction and turn a sharp left and continue to follow the footpath.
  • Upon reaching the tarmac path turn left and follow it towards the farmhouse.
  • The footpath is accessed via a stile on your right before the farmyard. Pick up the footpath over the fields and follow towards the village of Barwell.
  • As you cross the next stile the path takes you to the left of a small copse – it can be very wet this way so my top tip is to go around to the right of this copse unless you have good wellies!
  • Straight across the next field and along the back of the allotments.
  • From here you pop out onto Kirkby Road in Barwell, turn right and it’s a straightforward walk along the road to the Top Town where you will find The Malt Mill.

To return simply retrace your steps.

I wouldn’t recommend walking straight along the lane from Mallory Meadows to Barwell, it has lots of twists and turns and the traffic is swift with little grass verge to walk on.

Dogs are very welcome at the Malt Mill – Do keep them on a lead during your walk as some of the fields are grazed by animals.