5 Free Romantic Things To Do In Leicestershire.

by | Jan 8, 2024

Mallory Meadows Cabins & Roundhouses5 Free Romantic Things To Do In Leicestershire

Being romantic doesn’t always have to cost money, sometimes the best things are free. Cuddling up under a blanket with a warm drink watching the sunrise or sunset with your loved one.  Taking a stroll around somewhere new. Have a look at our top free romantic ideas for your stay!


Emily-Jane x

Stargazing From Your Hot Tub.

On a clear crisp night, we have some fantastic starry skies around Mallory Meadows.  We can often spot planets, Venus and Jupiter and constellations in the sky.  Starlink Satellites can often be seen moving through the sky and at certain times of the year a display of shooting stars too.  If you are an Apple user I heartily recommend downloading the Night Sky App to assist you in identifying stars.  Stargazing is the perfect way to soak away your cares, relax and gently converse under the great night sky.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset at Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill is one of the Leicestershire 3 peaks. At 248m high Beacon Hill is a wonderful way to welcome or end the day.  Watching the sun rise or set snuggled up with your loved one under a blanket and a flask of your favourite drink is romance in the most understated form.   Beacon Hill is the highest point in the area, with spectacular views out over Charnwood Forest, Loughborough, Nottingham and Derbyshire.

My recommendation would be to park your car at the upper car park (LE12 8SP).  It’s a short stroll to the summit from here, you are then perfectly placed to catch the first rays of a new day. Afterwards, you can enjoy a circular walk around the country park before heading back to Mallory Meadows for your breakfast. Or stop off at one of our recommended brunch stops here.

TOP TIP – don’t forget to check the time of sunrise/sunset and arrive a few minutes before… you don’t want an early start and then miss it !! The BBC weather app has all the info you will need.

Cook Up A Storm On Your BBQ (hopefully a tasty one not a wet one)

Ok so this isn’t completely free but everyone needs to eat! Why not add a BBQ to your stay?  From the comfort of your cabin, you can create a meal together to remember. Our cabins are fully equipped with everything needed for most meal creations. Bring your supplies with you or pop over to Waitrose at Dobbies in Stapleton and pick up some tasty treats.  There is also a fab butcher and a well-stocked greengrocers stall. Hurry home and settle into the privacy of your cabin, open a bottle of something delicious and work together to create your favourite treats. Here is a link to some recipes that might tickle your tastebuds.

Rediscover The Fun Of Playing A Game.

If the weather outside isn’t enticing you to explore, stay cosy and grab a game! A Connect 4 battle is great fun or try a game of Monopoly deal (a Tams family favourite) you can find both these games in your cabin. If you’re planning ahead, make sure you bring your favourite game with you.  Why not add a romantic twist, like only using romantic words in Bananagrams or Scrabble? Scientists say enjoyment and shared moments during game-playing can contribute to a release of oxytocin, strengthening the emotional connection between you and your loved one.

Thornton Reservoir

If your idea of romance is strolling somewhere in the countryside arm-in-arm, Thornton Reservoir ticks all the feel-good boxes. This circular 2.5-mile stroll on flat well-made paths means no sweaty faces on the Instagram pics and no muddy boots to clean when you get home.  As you loop around the water’s edge, you can see all sorts of water birds being busy and the trout fishermen out on their boats, it’s a good for the soul day out. I find the sky feels so big over at Thornton, a good walk and talk is a fabulous way to reconnect and ignite those romantic feelings.

TOP TIPS. The boat house sells basic tea, coffee and duck food. You can book fishing tuition or have a go session if this “floats your boat” – Parking is free in the designated car parks however it does get busy on high days and holidays.

Remember, the most important part of a romantic experience is the thought and effort you put into it, not the amount of money spent. Check out the Mallory Meadows availability calendar here to plan and make time to enjoy your romantic break together in the charming surroundings of the Leicestershire countryside!

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